Struggling for Competence

Sometimes it's just much harder than it should be

So here's what I want to do:

Call MsBuild from MsTest, so I can test a custom MsBuild task. The MsBuild task works on the database, so I need to control the database from the test too. I've got some unit testing in place. What I want now is one or two integration tests to check it hangs together.

Here's how it worked out:

Cripes. Often when your coding, the problems your having are entirely you own fault. The codes crap and the architecture's shoddy. That's not the case here. My suffering is entirely due to the tools and libraries I'm using. That, and the desire to actually test my code. If you've coded you've had days like this too, where it seems like the computer is actively obstructing your progress. It's kind of like complexity, but not really the same thing. The computer puts obstacles your the way, which cause you to waste time and write extra code. Rather than complexity its more like obstructisity.