Why You’re Wrong

I saw this TED video by Kathryn Schulz, and it describes my thought process perfectly. When I have a discussion with you, and you disagree with me, I think:

  • You’re Ignorant
    • The reason you disagree with me, is because you don’t know the necessary facts. You’re ignorant. If only you learnt some stuff everything would be ok. We carry on talking until I realise you do know the facts, at which point I think
  • You’re Stupid
    • You know the necessary facts, so the reason we disagree is that you can’t process the information. You’re stupid. If only you weren’t an idiot everything would be OK. We carry on talking until I realise your not an stupid, at which point I think
  • You’re Evil
    • You know the necessary facts and your not stupid, and yet you still reach an utterly perverse conclusion. You must be evil. Active malevolence can be the only explanation.

Well maybe it’s not a perfect description of my though process. Normally I’m thinking I got flustered and didn’t explain myself very well. But all the same. A great quote from the video:

What does it feel like to be wrong? It feels like being right.